Evaluating the Regulation of WHS through Supply Chain Codes of Conduct in the Retail Transport and Logistics Industry- Research Report 2018

In a further significant partnership with Macquarie University TEACHO has invested in a study to examine the operation of Supply Chain Codes of Conduct in the Retail sector.
This report examines the operation and impact of industry self-regulation and co-regulation systems in Australia’s retail transport and logistics sector. Three schemes are analysed, including the Retail Logistics Supply Chain Code of Conduct, TruckSafe and the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme. The report can be downloaded here.

Bluecard On-Line Data Base - active since 2014

TEACHO has developed an on-line data base. This will enable TEACHO contracted  REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATIONS (RTOs) to upload participant's details, upload the unit TLIF1001A Follow OHS procedures and other regualtory compliance units (e.g. Chain of Responsibility) order and pay for a Bluecard. The TEACHO data base has commenced in July 2014 with accredited RTOs

The Bluecard program - ongoing since 2010

TEACHO Limited is pleased to be managing the Bluecard Training Skills Passport System (Bluecard).  Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)licensed by TEACHO Limited are able to deliver the Bluecard program. For more information on the Bluecard program see

We are working constructively with the transport industry and training organisations to improve safety and skills development in this important sector. The card has been upgraded and can now be used s a SKILLS PASSPORT containing all the qualifications acquired by the card holder in addition to the basic occupation health and safety procedures.

Bluecard was redesigned and relaunched on 1.1.2017. A 5 year validity period was introduced for all existing and new Bluecards from that date. Bluecard holders will need to access a refresher course during the 5 year period.

Regulating the Work Health and Safety of Australian Road Freight Transport Drivers - Research Project 2016

Through a partnership with Macquarie University and the University of NSW (Canberra) TEACHO has invested in a major study to examine the effectiveness of workplace health and safety regulations in road transport. The Final Report is now published. It raises many complex issues concerning not only the effectiveness for regulations, but also the multiple causal factors in accidents, injuries and deaths in the sector. The Final Report and Summary can be downloaded here.

Healthy Transport Worker Seminars 2011-2013

The 60+ workshop sessions targeted  the transport worker and the issues that are faced by people working within the industry e.g   Long hours of driving, being away from home,  home life impacting on work role and responsibility,  health issues. The seminars are hour and raised awareness about: depression, anxiety and related disorders, understanding the relationship between mental health and the workplace, and increasing skill and confidence to approach a colleague you are concerned about 







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